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defense secretary leon panetta. as jacqueline fell reports congress is focusing on the next cia director and whether john brennan supports using drones for targeted killings. >> reporter: pam, john brennan says that drone strikes are used only against targets who plan to attack the united states. brennan told senate intelligence committee led by dianne feinstein that drone strikes are never used as retro abuse for an earlier attack against americans. he says americans deserve to learn more about the procedures and practices for drones and targeted killings. republican senators want to know if brennan would rather kill terrorists with a drone or capture them. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than detain him. we want to detain as many terrorists as possible. >> reporter: another big topic of the day information sharing. senators complain they don't share enough classified information with them while sharing too much with the media. some republicans accused brennan and the cia of offering authorized leaks to help president obama in the when i see you next in a warning com
. >> reporter: more on the specific questions we are asking the department of defense to answer, more on that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> they want to look into the specific hearings of levy. her body was found in a washington d.c. park and hearings have been going on behind closed doors and investigators are looking into whether an illegal immigrant convicted of killing her may be innocent. another hearing is scheduled to take place in washington d.c. but they are petitioning the court to open the procedures. >>> jimmy lee dykes was killed in a fire fight on monday when authorities stormed an underground bunker to free the little boy. they found two explosive devices following the raid and evidence is still being gathered at the suspect's 100- acre property and no more explosives have been found so far. >>> man is accused of killing a teen and wounding another in the bay area city of pittsburgh. robert short junior was accused of shooting the teenagers following an earlier fight. police say he was on felony probation at the time and bail is se
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2